About the writer


MA Art History (Edinburgh) 1978
Grad Dip Communications (UTS) 1998
Grad Dip Counselling (ACAP) 2009

Member of the Oral History Association of NSW


I’m a qualified and skilled writer, researcher and project manager with many years experience in bringing stories to life. I’ve produced documentary features for ABC Radio, interviewed people about their lives for published oral history projects and facilitated a range of workshops and life-writing groups in the community. I’m also a qualified and experienced counsellor with a mature, sensitive and empathic approach to interviewing, and a deep understanding of life’s challenges and rewards. I’m a good listener, and I’ve learned how to ask the questions that will help you tell your story. I’ve worked with all age groups – from children through to seniors. The mix of skills I bring ensures that both the process and the product are rewarding for you. Recording a life story is a profound way of validating and honouring a person’s life.

Why I love it

I’m endlessly - and respectfully - curious about people’s stories: what inspires them, what they are passionate about, the joys and difficulties they’ve experienced. I’ve come to appreciate how our lives share some of the same themes and patterns, and yet how each life is absolutely unique. I believe there is always something interesting to be found in everyone’s life story, and I know that the process of discovering this can be exciting and rewarding, for the storyteller and for their friends and family. I think a simple life can be as admirable and inspiring as one lived in the spotlight. I have a special interest in bringing to light the stories of people from different cultural backgrounds – I believe we can all learn from each other, develop tolerance and compassion and hence make the world a better place. 

Selected publications & productions

  • writer and researcher of historical content for Blue Mountains World Heritage Interpretive Centre, Katoomba.
  •  Kinship Care Regional Project, NSW. oral history interviews with kinship carers for resource kit
  •  oral historian/co-writer of Getting Married www.migrationheritage.nsw.gov.au/gettingmarried and exhibition at the Museum of Sydney, for the Festival of Sydney 2005. 
  • oral historian/co-writer of Marrickville Backyards a book and touring exhibition produced by the Marrickville Community History Group. Winner of the National Trust Award for Multicultural Heritage 2002. The project features residents of different communities in Marrickville and their backyard practices.
  • researcher and writer for AcoustiguideAustralia‘s audio-guide of ‘Papunya Tula: Genesis and Genius’ exhibition at the Art Gallery of NSW, Sydney.
  • writer and producer of a documentary feature ‘Women in business’ for ABC Radio National’s Earshot.
  • writer and producer of a documentary feature ‘Birding’, for The Listening Room, ABC Radio.
  •  writer and producer of a documentary feature ‘Daisy, a little white lie’ for The Listening Room, ABC Radio. Nominated for the NSW Premier’s History Prize.
  • poetry and short stories/memoir published in Australian Short Stories, Scarp, Vertigo, Centoria, The Perfect Diary, Scripsi

​Workshop facilitation 

  • Community Visitors Scheme, Haberfield, NSW. Life story workshop
  • Tweed Palliative Care Volunteers. Family dynamics and life story work.
  • Community Visitors Scheme, Parramatta, NSW. Life story workshop. 
  • Seniors Expo, Murwillumbah. Life story workshop
  • Blue Mountains Palliative Care Service: Volunteer Training (grief and loss and spirituality)
  • Blue Mountains Womens Health and Resource Centre: ‘Writing out your grief’ workshop for carers.
  • Blue Mountains Home Visitors Program: workshop celebrating and acknowledging volunteers and their stories
  • NSW Aboriginal Grief and Loss Training Project: co-ordinator of grief and loss workshops across NSW
  • Calvary Bereavement Counselling Service : educational and creative arts workshops for volunteers, medical students and clients
  • Wimlah Women and Children’s Refuge: therapeutic and creative arts workshops for children and women
  • Ashfield Council, Sydney: life writing workshop for seniors
  • Richmond Fellowship, Sydney: creative arts workshops for residents, oral history project with residents and employees.
  • South Sydney Council, Sydney: creative and life-writing workshops for seniors