When I first thought about recording my father’s history I knew it would be an enormous task. So when a friend recommended Megan I jumped at the idea. Megan made the process very easy. She transcribed what was a jumbled verbal recount into a sequential narrative, which not only told Dad’s history, but also created a very readable story. Megan also put the events into historical context. The designer she hired to finish the project did a great job to present a professional looking book which the family is very proud to share. Thank you Megan. I’m glad Dad’s story won’t be forgotten, and will be there for generations to come.’ Ingrid Russell

I knew that Megan was genuinely and deeply interested in my story. I felt at ease with her and appreciated the respect and sensitivity she showed throughout the whole process. Her impressive skills have brought my story to life for others to read. Thank you for taking so much care. George Winston.

‘Megan, I have just finished reading George’s story - what a wonderful thing you have done documenting his extraordinary life. I am so impressed - it’s a great gift to all of us. So valuable to know the depth, courage, experience & passion here in our community’. Mary W.

‘You have done an excellent job in producing this important piece of history of a man who has endured many difficulties but continues to assist others when possible.’ William H.

‘I was very impressed with how you tackled George’s story and that you did it largely from a few interviews’ Peter N.

I felt at ease when talking to Megan, she had a very caring and sensitive manner when conducting the

interviews. Megan kept me up to date at every stage of the developing book. D.B

‘Megan has a gentle facilitating manner and was able to guide and encourage those present to share their unique and individual stories with a kind and compassionate ear. Her vast knowledge of writing and the importance of capturing people stories was emphasised in her presentation. Caterina Raccosta, manager, Community Visitors Scheme Volunteers, Parramatta NSW