Individuals or Workshops


Each life story is completely unique and is customised to your needs and budget. Prices quoted below are an approximate guide, depending on number and length of interviews, transcription and editing time, number of photos, type of graphic design etc.  

A variety of options is available, from a simple audio recording to a fully designed book with your photographs. You may choose to record only a part of your life story: your childhood, your migration story, your working life, or the highlights of your life. You may also want to extend the project to a family history that includes your partner, children, siblings, and grandchildren. You can choose from:

  • A copy of the audio interviews of your story, unedited, on a USB stick: $500
  • An edited audio recording of your story on CD, elegantly packaged: $2000 
  • A DVD of photographs together with audio commentary from you, edited and elegantly packaged: $3000
  • A book: I work with a skilled graphic designer to create your own unique book – including photos, editing and proof reading, layout and design of content and covers, a range of bindings from the simplest to a special hand-bound book: $4000 upwards plus printing costs, or produced via a print-on-demand service. 

At our first contact - usually by phone - we discuss details of your needs and wants. I then get back to you with an estimated cost and timeframe. 

If you decide to proceed, we then arrange times for interviews. 4-6 hours is the average time needed for the highlights of a story. Each session lasts about 1-2 hours and takes place somewhere you feel comfortable, usually in your home. I use a small digital voice recorder to record the interviews.

I can also work with you to write your own life story. I offer support, advice and inspiration, guiding you with the editing and structure of content, and assisting with final design and production if needed. Costs for this service are based on individual project need. 

Please make contact to discuss your needs and options and to obtain a quote. Gift vouchers are available for birthdays, anniversaries, retirement, living wakes or other special occasions. 


The workshop environment offers a valuable opportunity for a group to share stories and experiences with others, guided by a qualified and experienced counsellor and published writer. The supportive and encouraging environment can provide shared inspiration, validation and acknowledgement of a person’s life, as well as an opportunity for social contact, interaction and learning from others.

A life story workshop can be helpful for team-building, as hearing other’s stories supports the devleopment of trust and strengthens connection. It may include writing, talking and listening, depending on the needs of the participants. Material produced may also provide an invaluable documentation and celebration of the lives of community members: a piece of social history. Their contribution to the making of history is acknowledged and a sense of pride is developed. A printed booklet can be produced. Some participants may go on to develop their writings into a life history, or decide to document the life of a family member.

I have extensive experience in the design and delivery of workshops in a range of settings including local councils, volunteer organisations, women’s health, palliative and bereavement care. Previous clients include: South Sydney Council, Ashfield Council, Blue Mountains Palliative Care Volunteers, Blue Mountains Home Visitors Volunteers, Blue Mountains Womens’ Health and Resource Centre, NSW Health, Home Visitors Scheme NSW, Tweed Palliative Care Volunteers. 

I aim to tailor workshops to suit your needs and budget. Options include:

For teams 

  • a 2 hour team-buildng workshop designed to share personal life experiences, build trust and deepen connections.

For staff who wish to work with clients’ life stories

  • a one-day workshop (Level 1) teaching the introductory skills of recording and writing life stories for others.
  • a one-day workshop ( Level 2) teaching more advanced skills of writing, editing and producing books

For individuals or groups who wish to write their own life stories

  • a 6 week workshop, held once a week for 2 hours, designed to inspire and stimulate the writing and sharing of personal life stories (This option is only available within Northern NSW and Southern QLD)
  • a one-day workshop, designed to inspire and stimulate the writing and sharing of personal life stories

Please make contact to discuss your needs and wants and to obtain a quote.