Edwin Ikwu’s story.

It is very difficult to know individually what God has brought us to this world to do. We don’t know. Maybe what has happened to me is an acid test to prove my faith. Here I am, I have climbed up through the ranks to the highest level only to end up in this situation. So I have learned that there is nothing special about my life. Really nothing special. I am trying to be stronger in my thinking now. ‘What can I do to improve my lot? What can I do to help humanity? When you are successful, people just take it for granted, nobody thinks of all the horrors you have passed through. So talking about my experience could be valuable for some of the younger ones, to show them that if you are having a hard time it is building you for the future. If it all goes smoothly throughout your life you will not learn much. You need some challenges to build you up, to make you strong and to make you more determined to excel in life otherwise you wouldn’t learn anything. You wouldn’t appreciate anything God has done for you. 

When the whole thing happened, I was very worried. All sorts of thoughts came to mind. ‘Why me? Why did it happen here? Why did it not happen at home?’Suppose it had happened in Dubai, midway between Nigeria and here, what would I have done?’ But it didn’t, it happened here where I have had immediate help. So I came to realise that maybe God has a purpose, and it was to use my case to teach others about life. It is all vanity in life, here I am. Can anyone say it is my fault? Have I done anything to trigger this situation? No, nothing. Whatever position I have reached in life, I am not the first, and I am not going to be the last. So I am learning to be humble. Humility is the secret of success.